Turnberry at the Eagles Homeowners Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit Florida Corporation. The Articles of Incorporation for TURNBERRY AT THE EAGLES HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. were filed on September 6, 1994.Eagles Master-10


President—————————————-Bob Holbrook

Vice President——————————— Brian Seekford

Secretary—————————————-Oswald Jensen

Treasurer—————————————- Bonnie Hataley

Director——————————————Dave Madsen

Director——————————————Sylwia Panko

Property Manager—————————-Leigh Slement LCAM


Turnberry – is the village that is the most centrally located within the Eagles and comprises 148 homes in two sections. The newly added R
eserve area has added value to the community with amenities such as brick driveways and enhanced landscaping. Homes in Turnberry sport views of The Lakes Golf Course, nine lakes or ponds and Conservation Areas.

Assessments – Turnberry at The Eagles Homeowners Association’s fiscal year is on a calendar basis and Turnberry assessments are paid semi-annually. The annual assessments are currently $600.00. The 1st assessment in the amount of $300.00 is due and payable on February 1st of each calendar year and the second assessment of $300.00 is due and payable on May 1st of each calendar year. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions – for Turnberry at the Eagles requires that the Association maintain Common Areas for the use and enjoyment of the Owners. The Common Areas include but are in no way be limited to, the expenses of upkeep and maintenance of the Common Area medians and shoulders of collector and arterial roadways, certain boundary walls and entrance signs, and street lighting on collector and arterial roadways.

Architectural Review Guidelines – Under Florida Statute, automatic-membership homeowner associations have the authority for design review and architectural control. Along with maintenance of common areas, and enforcement of deed restrictions, it is a basic function of the association. Properly exercised, design review and control will create and preserve an attractive, livable community, as well as protect property values. Thus, the Turnberry Village Board of Directors appointed an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and established the policies and procedures to be followed. Those policies and procedures are outlined in the Turnberry at the Eagles Architectural Review Guidelines Manual.

Purpose – The purpose of the Architectural Review Guidelines Manual is to assist home purchasers to understand the criteria used to review and approve all new homes as well as exterior alterations to all existing homes and lots within The Eagles. Standards have been established to maintain a measure of quality and consistency throughout the development and these standards are not intended to stifle individual creativity. Some applications must also be approved by both the Turnberry ACC and the Eagles Master Association Architectural Control Committee.

Turnberry Forms Below: