Second Annual Eagles Eggstravaganza 1

The Second Annual Eagles Eggstravaganza was a huge hit despite inclement weather. In case you missed it, here are some wonderful pics provided by Slywia Panko.

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One thought on “Second Annual Eagles Eggstravaganza

  • megaosorio

    The Easter event was a lovely idea. My kids were thrilled to see the Easter bunny, and didn’t mind the rain a bit! It is these kind of community events that make living here great!

    In the future, it may be a bit more fair if families line the fence and begin ‘hunting’ on a loud count of 1,2,3 as families in the back of the waiting line were not even able to participate. And a polite age restriction may also help, as well as families agreeing to limit their children to 10 eggs each as many older kids with better physical abilities who didn’t need help from parents had over flowing baskets and there were many teary-eyed kids under 3 with nothing.

    Some kind neighbor handed my two year old three eggs from her daughters basket and it made her day. That is great community kindness!